Area Rugs In Different Cultures Over The World

Do you like fresh and new area rugs of different cultures? Do you like to decorate your home with the most attractive ways? Yes, it is possible with a good collection of the area rugs. Area rug is all about the fashion, art, and style. It protects the floor and offers comfort, warmth, and cozy underfoot. Besides, it looks attractive with different textures, designs, and interesting colors.

Area rugs are fashionable, intriguing, colorful, and patterned. They improve the look t of your home interior and soften the hard surfaces of ceramic, vinyl, and laminate floors. Nowadays, people also use well-designed rugs to make a fashion statement and to present themselves in a fashionable manner.

You will get different types of the area rugs of the different cultures. They come both in the traditional and contemporary designs. These are available with a wide price range as well. You can choose any of them depending on your preference and budget.

Are you looking some of the popular area rugs of different cultures? Do you want to know how they look and feel like? If yes, then you are in the right place. In this article, you will come to know about some popular area rugs of the different cultures. All of them come with fashionable designs and eye-catching colors.

Turkish Rugs

Turkish rugs are very popular all over the world for the traditional and unique designs. Mountain-dwellers, villages, and nomadic tribes in Turkey have been hand-weaving the rugs since the 15th century. These hand-woven, patterned, colorful, and textured rugs are extensively used in different parts of the world. You will get many designs and styles in the Turkish rugs. You will also get a miniature version known as the vastik. These rugs can be folded like a pocket. These are used for the sofa. Besides, some of the other popular Turkish rugs are the followings.

• Kilim Rugs: Kilim rugs are soft, flat-woven, and thin. They come with the tapestry-like texture and bright colors.

• Soumak Rugs: It is named after a specific weaving technique and is popular for the vibrant and eye-catching colors.

• Kazak Rugs: Kazak rugs come with detailed borders, traditional American patterns, geometric motifs, and red and blue palettes.

You will also find Oushak Rugs and Prayer Rugs in Turkey. All these rugs come with a specific design and material.

Persian Rugs

Persian Rugs are popular all over the world for the outstanding medallion motifs, spectacular colors, and dense patterns. These rugs are timeless, sophisticated, and truly enhance the beauty of any home interior. Persian rugs are also known as the Oriental rugs. These rugs are beautifully designed and come with an amazingly thick pile. All the Persian rugs are named after the places and towns where they are created. They come with a special recognition and with a distinguishing difference. Some of the common motifs that are widely used are boteh motif, herati motif, and the detailed borders.

Southwestern Rugs

When comes to the Southern Rugs, two major decorative types of the area rugs come into the mind, modern Southwestern themed rugs and authentic Native American rugs. Both these rugs look good and beautiful with different types of the contemporary or traditional decors. As the options will be many, you will a wide price range that can match well with your budget. You will get an option in the Southwestern rug for all types of the home that might be Southwestern theme or textile art. These rugs come with a universal appeal and can complement all the home décor.

The traditional Native American rugs are made by the Navajo, Hopi, Zuni Native American Tribes with hand-woven techniques. These rugs can be placed on the floors and can be used as the wall decors as well. These are expensive and come with many eye-catching and sophisticated designs.

Contemporary Southwestern rugs are different from the Native American rugs. They come with attractive designs, vibrant colors, and some specific symbols. These are normally crafted overseas. They offer versatility with a striking range of the traditional and modern color schemes. In these rugs, you will see helixes, traditional block, Indian designs, mesas, and line prints nicely worked into the wool, cotton, polyester, olefin, and nylon material.

All the above area rugs have a specific and unique feature. They have created a special recognition all over the world for the distinct quality and the local touch.

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