Five Best Rewards Credit Cards

Rewards credit cards help one get cash returns, get travel awards among other advantages. Below are some of the five best rewards credit cards.

Chase Sapphire Preferred Card. Benefits include;

The card is a choice for international travellers as it does not charge transaction fees in foreign countries.
The points acquired can be worth 25% if the reward credit card is redeemed for travel through Chase’s tool. This increases the rewards to rates of 2.5% for travelling and restaurants and also build credit.
If you introduce a user that is authorised and within three months you make a purchase, there’s an advantage of getting 5000 point bonus.
The card also has many travel partners for example; Virgin Atlantic Flying Club, British Airways Executive club, United MileagePlus and many more.

Setbacks include;

Although the company has a $0 introductory fee in a person’s first year, the other years are charged $95.

It doesn’t offer airline-specific perks such as free checked bags, seats with priority. The card’s flexibility is what makes it the preferred travel card. Chase Freedom. This also is among the best reward cards. Its benefits include;
• The card does not charge annual fees.
• It offers more cash returns in categories such as, hotels and gas.
• The card also offers a 1% on other purchases made.
• It offers a cash bonus when signing up making it easy when redeeming the points. Its setbacks include;

Customers are expected to opt in the bonus category every four months failure to which the 5% bonus ill not be received.
The rewards are lower as compared with other cards if you do not spend enough so as to maximise the profits.

Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card. Benefits include;

• One earns 2 miles on every purchase no matter the price. • The cards do not expire considering your account is active.
• It doesn’t charge foreign transaction fees.

Its flexibility allows one travel through preferred airlines. This is because it does not limit a person to only one agency.
Their annual fee is small compared to other credit cards. Its setbacks include;
• The card does not offer airline-specific perks such as free bag checks and priority seating. Barclaycard Arrival Plus World Elite MasterCard. Its advantages are;
• One earns two miles on each dollar used in purchases.
• It does not limit a person to one courier.
• One is awarded five miles for each redeem made.
• It has a zero introductory fee. Setbacks are;
• It does not offer airline-specific perks. Blue Cash Preferred Card by American Express. Benefits are; • It has the best rates on groceries and gas. Other purchases are awarded 1% back.
• Offers 6% cash returns on gift cards for example Starbucks when bought at grocery stores.
• Offers high cash sign up bonus.
• Offers a free FICO score. Setbacks are;
• Very high annual fees.
• Hard to use in foreign countries.
• Charges foreign transaction fee.