Importance of Culture

Culture is the way of life of a community .Human beings are conformists by nature We like to set certain rules for our community members, and those not abiding with these set rules of living are frowned upon Cultural beliefs change with changing time and place. While purdah system for women was a strict rule for Asian communities a few centuries back, it is mostly outdated now, except in certain middle-eastern countries. Ethics of a society are the reflection of its culture. As such a rich and healthy culture is necessary for a morally sound community.

Tangible and intangible elements of heritage and culture have a profound impact on the behavior of society members. Human behavior is shaped by genetics and environment. A rich, vibrant and healthy culture of a society, thus provides a congenial environment for its members, to attain their full human potential. Culture and religion go hand in hand. They show us the way to live our lives. Festivals and celebrations help the society members to stand together during difficult times.

The failures and successes of humans and society shape their culture, and the culture in turn guides them to rise above their failures and move ahead! Through good and bad times, culture passes the test of time and gets strengthened. It changes and evolves continuously, as the humans evolve and civilize. Men and women die, but their imprints are left in the culture of their society. The spirits of our forefathers lives in our culture and heritage. Cultures vary from country to country. From tribal’s to cosmopolitan, from ancient civilizations to new melting-pots, cultures determine the way humans live and interact. There is a colorful spectrum of folk songs, dances, carnivals, fairs and festivals around the world and a rich variety of foods, beverages and spices in different cultures.

The mixing of cultures today through globalisation provides ample opportunities and choices to present global community for fulfilling their physical, mental and spiritual demands. The world today faces many challenges. The continuous fear of nuclear attacks which governments face, biological and chemical warfare, rise of extremists and terrorist activities, geo-climate changes; increasing frequency of natural calamities and global warming, rising racial and economic inequalities- they all reflect the deteriorating ethics and culture of the communities worldwide. The only thing which can save humans from humans is strong culture and heritage. Therefore we must set a high standard for our cultural values and weave such a rich fabric of culture, which will unite the global community to face challenges before them collectively. This will provide a better and sustainable world for the human progeny!

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