Review of Lexington Law Firm for Credit Repair Service

Repair Your Credit

The Lexington Law Firm is a BBB rated law firm owned by John C. Heath as directing attorney. The type of entity of this law firm is LLC or Limited Liability Company. Lexington law credit repair is the main area of work for this law firm which employs Ms. Kristine Grunander as the in-charge of Customer Services provided here. You can contact her at the customer service desk to get connected with John C. Heath to discuss your case of credit repair.

Lexington law firm offers Lexington law credit repair service without any fee in advance through its qualified and experienced lawyers and attorneys. This PLLC law firm is registered with DBA in the name of John C. Heath, the Attorney at Law, to manage its business, according to the Department of Commerce, Utah.

Services provided by Lexington Law Firm

The Lexington Law Firm is an advocacy firm which deals consumer laws to help the consumers in verifying the fairness, accuracy, and authenticity of the information reported in their credit reports according to various laws of consumer protection. Lexington Law firm represents its clients while analyzing the credit reports and preparing suitable replies, as per the information and directions received by it from its clients. Most of the replies created by this law firm are sent to the creditors and other entities from where credit bureaus receive information about the credit position of the client. Along with the services of verifying client’s credit reports this law firm also provides general and educational information regarding the scoring of their credit position and to understand the circumstances that can affect their credit reporting as an individual, to be more particular.


Work procedure of Lexington Law Firm

They focus on providing the required signed agreement of engagement and the disclosure statements to all of its clients before starting to work at their legal issues. This law firm allows its clients to make payment for their services within 5-15 days after engaging it and after that on monthly basis. But the payment should be made only for the work done before it as no advance payment for its legal services is acceptable by this law firm. The clients are free to cancel the agreement with this law firm anytime.

The time period of an agreement

  • A client can engage Lexington Law Firm for Lexington law credit repair any time but the length of the agreement depends on a number of factors like:
  • The credit goal of the individual client
  • The complexity of the case
  • Addition of new credit information
  • Personal circumstances of the client as well as lawyer or attorney dealing the case
  • Whatever be the length of agreement with the client Lexington Law Firm neither promises nor guarantees any type of results as like other legal services the results of Lexington law credit repair services can also not be predicted in advance.
  • General facts about credit repair procedures

Some of the great reviews promise to fix or clean up the credit record of their clients but, in fact, any accurate negative information in your credit record cannot be erased in any condition. As per federal law, the report of such information should remain recorded in your file at least for 7 years and in case of bankruptcy for at least 10 years. All the negative items in your credit reports are challenged by these credit repair companies. In fact, any negative report in your credit record can be removed on a temporary basis if it cannot be verified by the credit reporting agency after being challenged by the law firms. The negative report can be replaced on the file anytime whenever it is verified later on. Most of the law companies offering services of credit repair sell their products through the internet or phone. But a client, you can cancel your contract with these firms within three days of its commencement without giving any reason, according to the cooling off the rule of Federal Trade Commission.

Such practices are not adapted by Lexington Law Firm while providing Lexington law credit repair service to its clients. They confirm the accuracy of the information before challenging it with credit reporting agencies.

Thus for Lexington law credit repair service, you can rely on Lexington Law Firm as they believe in dealing with their clients fairly.

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